Master the principles of choosing yoga clothes in 3 minutes

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The way to correctly choose yoga clothes is very simple, just remember 5 words: matching stretch.

How to choose according to the degree of stretch? As long as you remember these 3 steps, you will be able to master your selection of yoga clothes in no time.

1. Know your body measurements.
2.Determine the wearing occasion.
3. Screen fabrics and clothing design structures.

Follow the 3 steps above to buy yoga clothes that suit you, effectively shape your body and highlight your figure!

Why do you have to choose according to the degree of stretch? This involves the key to human body movement shaping: skin deformation.

What is skin deformation? That is, the stretching of human limbs during exercise will cause the skin to stretch and shrink.

Speaking of yoga exercises alone, the Textile Research Center of Jiangnan University has conducted tests: Compared with people standing statically, yoga movements will cause changes in skin size in various areas of the waist, buttocks and legs, and the stretching rate of some parts can reach up to 64.51%.

If the yoga clothes you wear do not match the stretch of the exercises you do, not only will it not be able to shape your body well, it may also have the opposite effect.

The core value of yoga clothes is: extreme shaping.

How to achieve ultimate body shaping effect? Just these 5 words: stretch matching.

You want the deformation elasticity of the yoga clothing fabric to better match the deformation and stretch rate of your skin during different daily activities, so that your wearing feeling will be skin-friendly and naked, making you look slimmer.

In fact, there are only two problems with skin-friendly nakedness: clothing pressure and fabric.

 Focus on uniform pressure distribution: choose clothes with seamless partition design + mesh weave structure.

 Focus on soft and elastic fabrics: Mainly choose spandex, nylon and special patented fabrics.

 Summary: Understand your body measurements, determine the stretch, choose appropriate fabrics and design the weave structure, and you will be able to achieve “extreme body shaping” for a longer period of time.

 This is the selection process of yoga clothes. You only need to remember 5 words: Judgment of stretch degree. In the future, you can choose yoga clothes that suit you for any exercise occasion.


Post time: Jun-04-2024

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