Let me tell you how to choose fabrics when buying clothes for your children in summer.

In a few months, the country will be in “high temperature mode”.

Children love to run and jump and are often sweating profusely and their bodies are wet.

How should I wear it to be more comfortable? Many people subconsciously think, “Wear cotton to absorb sweat.” In fact, when children are exercising and playing outdoors, cotton is not the best choice – although cotton has good sweat absorption properties, its perspiration performance is very poor (not Easy to dry). When children exercise, they sweat a lot, and their sweaty clothes stick to their bodies. They can easily catch a cold when a small breeze blows, and they may also develop prickly heat and damage their skin.

 Nowadays, more and more new fabrics are appearing. We have launched a series of one-way moisture-guided and quick-drying fabrics, which are especially suitable for sports and outdoor play. When the human body secretes too much sweat, if the fabric cannot quickly guide the sweat to the outer surface of the fabric and evaporate into the air , it will cause the human body to feel sticky or stuffy, resulting in uncomfortable wearing.

 Single guide quick drying small square



#️⃣Fabric analysis:

1️⃣The fabric is properly matched with different hydrophilic and hydrophobic yarns, and is designed through the jacquard process during the weaving process to reasonably arrange the thickness, jacquard and elastic areas of the fabric, which can meet the human body’s needs for breathability, lifting and elasticity, while making the fabric itself have It has a certain moisture absorption and perspiration function to achieve the purpose of transferring sweat from the inner layer of the fabric to the outer surface but preventing external water molecules from penetrating into the inner layer of the fabric, thereby improving the comfort of clothing;

2️⃣It can quickly absorb sweat away from the skin, spread to the surface of the clothes, and then quickly evaporate through air circulation and take away heat, thereby achieving the effect of moisture absorption, quick drying and cooling;

3️⃣Long-lasting antibacterial treatment can effectively inhibit bacterial growth and remove odor caused by sweat;

Post time: May-21-2024

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